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As I relaxed into being open to the learning, and KC's gifted way of teaching, I was amazed and gratified by the enormously powerful change in my life. I am happier, more at ease, alive and deeply thankful for the every day magical moments. I am now at over 800 days with at least one session and I cannot imagine where my life would be without meditation.  

-Carolyn D. Hanson, MA  

#gameon Day 455!  

- Koes B. Portland, OR 


#40ofrestofmylife Woop!!! Forty consecutive days. Last two teeny tiny ten minute morning meditation but doing it anyway. Super grateful to myself for sticking to my promise to ME and the Kristoffer KC Carter for being the meditation igniter for me. 💙🙏  

-Anne F. Geneva Switzerland

#GAMEON! Love being part of a meditation community...did it in Sept, doing it again. 🙏🏻🤗  

-Kathi, MD

100 days and couting of morning meditation. Big yes. KC is not only a knowledgable and kind spiritual teacher, but he's also a unicorn in human form, so he brings a lot of fun too. In all seriousness, he's done the work, is still doing the work, and will guide you with wisdom, humility and humor. If you think you can’t meditate, maybe just show up every day for 30 days and practice, see what happens. Once a ritual becomes a habit, it becomes a way of life. It has for me and there’s no turning back. It only gets better!

- Emily S. Houston, TX

#40of60 Even through a weeklong vacation and unpredictable schedules. KC's gentle and encouraging presence let's you "know" that you can complete the challenge. With helpful daily emails and a warm and fiercely supportive group online, you truly feel like you are part of a vibrant and loving community. All you need to do is carve out the 5-10-15 mins of your day and Dad "who runs beside you once the training wheels are off" KC will take it from there.  

-Jennifer J. Los Angeles, CA 

I've only missed one day since September 1. I think it's likely a combination of shifting intentions and meditation, but I've found myself having more patience.The biggest difference has been in the amount of patience and compassion I have for myself. It's been a delightful shift!  

-Michelle S.

#90Days. Hitting a few milestones today. I'm grateful for this group and the stories that keep all of us going.  

-Katie B. Seattle, WA 

No words can express my feelings of gratitude during my sunrise meditation. I am so grateful for the 30 day challenge. It really helped me change my mood daily and deal with challenging situations with more ease. I feel much calmer and today marks my day 83 with consecutive meditations. KC is such an inspiration and if you weren't sure about trying, this is the perfect tribe to get started!  

-Elaine M. New York, NY 

Still here! After 58 consecutive days, there was a three day window when I put all my energy into wrapping a project. Sad to have broken the streak, but happy to be back at it. 😊  

-Lisa S. Gaithersburg, MD

This is my second or third bite at the apple,however this time was different. At first I attempted the challenge to be supportive of my friend K.C. that lasted for a few days until something in my life seemed more important then my friendship. The second time I attempted the challenge to look good. I wanted to be able to say I was one of "those people" who meditated. That lasted a couple of weeks. This time I decided not to attempt a challenge but to just take some time in the morning for myself with the help of ours. This change has made all the difference. If I, miss a day I no longer beat myself up. I just take notice and make some changes and begin again. Thank you for these wonderful tools and awesome encouragement. Thanks for this group and thank you Kristoffer KC Carter 💙🙏  

-William B.

Not 1 day missed since September 1st! Day 72!  

-Kristin Livelsberger

#100 Days and counting! I truly believed I was one of those people who “couldn’t” meditate. I felt my mind was a vacuum and as soon as I sat to clear it, the monkey chatter filled the space. That is until the 30-Day Challenge where KC broke it down into easy and understandable methods. It seemed like every “can’t” I came up with he had a solution. The daily emails and online community motivated me through the 30 days. I’m proud to say that I am now at 100 days and beyond. Wow! ME!! In KC’s words, “can’t stop, won’t stop”. I look forward to my morning meditation and nothing gets in the way of that gift to myself. Try the 30-Day Challenge. It will change your life. 

-Beth R. Yarmouth Port, MA

I started my meditation practice through This Epic Life’s 30 Day Meditation Challenge in September 2018 and then continued on my own using the Insight Timer app we used during the challenge. Since I started meditating regularly, I’ve found that I’m calmer and more focused at work. My anxiety has gone down and and my creativity has reached new heights. I have a greater feeling of overall contentment and I notice and savor the little things more often. I’m learning to be more present with friends, family, tasks, and experiences. I’m sleeping better and starting my day clear, focused and calm. Yes-I still have challenges and tough moments-but I’m a lot more resilient and able to bounce back from individual adverse events without letting them snowball into ruining my whole day. This Epic Life's 30 Day Meditation Challenge is a great way to get start a regular meditation practice and be part of a community of meditators! 

-Dimple D., Alexandria, VA

\\I have spent my adulthood attempting to establish a consistent meditation practice. Although I know how, and have techniques from SRF, I needed something that would click for me, given all of life’s distractions. What I needed were the guided KC tips, for a civilian Yogi like me. A yogi trying to integrate and ground herself, in a often seemingly esoteric spiritual practice, while living in a material world. I finally got grounded by the guided 30 day meditation with the tools (Insight Timer) & tips. Days later I’m growing strong....almost 230+ days later.  

-Shilpa Lewis, San Diego, CA 

I participated in the 30 day meditation challenge in September, and while I did not follow it “perfectly”, I importantly learned that this is OK. I am now in a daily 10 min AM meditation practice, and have found it is helping me manage pain better, be more intentional about following through on my goals, and simply getting my day off to a peaceful start. The challenge gave me the tools that I needed to make this possible.  

-Michele M. Cincinnati, OH


Kristoffer Carter ("KC") is the Catalyst in Chief of This Epic Life, and the creator of the Full-Life Integration™ Framework. KC is a culture and meditation advisor for companies, and personal transformation coach for leaders. As a meditation teacher, KC has over 33,000 active students on Insight Timer. As a workplace culture consultant, he has designed, or is delivering conscious leadership programs for AT&T, Avery-Dennison, Good Life Project™, Litera Microsystems, and more. “His sweet-spot is in optimizing the employee experience to drive business objectives.” -Deb Josephs (Chief People Officer, IAC Applications). KC’s Mission + Values-centric programs have been featured in Business Insider, onstage at TEDx ("What if change was FUN?") and Wisdom 2.0, and in countless conferences and podcast interviews.  

Kristoffer built his experience with Centro, who won the #1 Best Place to Work in Fortune Magazine, Advertising Age, and for an unprecedented four straight years by Crains’ Business Chicago.  

He lives with his wife of 20 years and 3 children in Akron, Ohio— where they dream of 1 day flying in a blimp.  


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