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Have you struggled with creating a healthy workplace culture in all this constant change?

Learn the 7 Commitments to Scaling a Powerhouse Team or Company Culture— proven areas of focus to drive performance, and meaning.

The 7 Commitments summarize all I learned over 9 years in a hyper-growth organization that was consistently recognized for its extraordinary culture (Crain’s, Fortune, AdAge).

These are the most crucial considerations the most successful rapid-growth orgs give their people.

The 7 Commitments Guide
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You're always trying new things to engage your people.

Motivation or morale has taken a hit since the pandemic started.

Your team isn't open to coaching, or resists feedback.

The Sunday Scaries make you dread going in on Monday.

You've experienced high turn-over, or low Glassdoor scores.

You worry about how to hold people accountable— especially leaders.

Set your business up
for the long haul—
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Warning: some of these 7 Commitments are counterintuitive. Some may seem obvious, but I've also included a couple that were directly responsible for winning "Best Place to Work" awards from Fortune, Crains (4 years in a row!) and Advertising Age.

This is everything I've learned about team dynamics and organizational culture in 4 pages.

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